LAV.METAL produces and sells directly a wide range of furniture and articles for nurseries, playgroups, crèches, primary schools, infant schools, toy and game centres, gyms, libraries, games, outdoor furniture, protection, radiator covers, offices etc. to organisations, institutions, councils and also to private individuals.

Design, quality and safety have been an integral part of the company's DNA for more than 60 years.

LAV.METAL is an artisan company working especially with the MADE in ITALY mark, manufacturing a large part of the products found on the site and in the catalogue themselves. This allows them competitive prices whilst maintaining a high level of quality.

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Hard work and dedication: our strong points, allowing us to grow in experience and originality and keeping us in step with the times.

Ability and passion for reaching goals, even the hardest ones.

A desire to create pleasant environments for life's various milestones, from nursery school to secondary school, to the workplace.

Constant improvements: this is what we have learnt from fifty years of experience, always open to new ideas and new horizons.

Courteous and friendly: two simple ways of welcoming our clientele.

A goal to reach: our clients' satisfaction is one of our main objectives.

Love for the work that has been passed down through the generations.

Transparency and honesty are the pride of our company that has worked in the market for many years with undeniable professionalism.

Via Don Minzoni, 49
12011 Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN) - ITALY